Update: John Parks is sick and unable to answer your rose questions at this time. If you need help with your roses, please contact:
George Schureman

Rose Help - with John Parks
(updated 5-5-08)

Need more help in growing or caring for your roses? You have come to
the right place!

My name is John Parks and I am a rose judge emeritus and a retired
consulting rosarian. I will admit that I don't have all the answers.
However, I can guarantee you one thing, if I don't immediately know the
answer to your question, I will get it and let you know.

My credentials for setting myself up as an expert on roses stems
primarily from the fact that I have grown about 400 roses. I have won
many blue ribbons, awards and trophies from entering my roses in rose
shows. Although it gives me pleasure to win at rose shows, I would
rather see the smile on the face of someone I share my roses with than
win a hundred blue ribbons.

Additionally, I have passed both the American Rose Society's (ARS)
written and practical exams and was an ARS Accredited Rose Judge for
many years. Recently, I took Emeritus status as a judge because the
travel was getting too tiring.

However, you can still ask me your questions at my personal email
address and it won't cost you a penny.

[please contact George Schureman]

In addition, you can reach me at the ARS Web site,
www.ars.org. I am what is known as a Cyber-Consulting
Rosarian. Anyone can look up Consulting Rosarians on the Web site. Go
to their Ask Us section, geographical locations, zero in on Kansas and
there I am! During the growing season, I keep pretty busy answering
email from rose growers across the country with questions on roses.

This last title, ARS Accredited Consulting Rosarian, is the one of
which I am most proud. It means I have bought and studied the ARS
Consulting Rosarian Manual and been to the ARS School for Consulting
Rosarians and passed their written test. We Consulting Rosarians love
to talk roses so send me an email or give me a call at [please contact George Schureman].

Roses are supposed to be fun so enjoy your roses! John Parks, 8-7-06

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